Affordable SEO Services For Small Business

Affordable SEO Services For Small Business

The affordable SEO services for small business owners that I offer can’t be beaten in terms of value. I’m able to do this because I understand exactly what needs to be done in terms of what it takes to bring in targeted organic traffic to a business website. You’re dealing with an SEO Consultant who plans and manages unique SEO strategies for each client. The results of my work speak for itself, just take a look at the SEO Portfolio section of current and past SEO campaigns I’ve managed.

Take a look at the Low Cost SEO Packages I offer new clients. I offer three separate SEO plans. The first plan is perfect for websites that are already perfectly optimized for SEO and just need maintenance work. The other two plans are very similar, and they only differ in that one plan offers monthly blogging, while the other does not. These plans will keep your website in optimal SEO conditions. In case you’re not interested in the benefits of a monthly SEO plan, I also offer a la carte services. You’ll find all the information you need in the SEO pricing page. All three packages feature Google Data Studio reporting, which means you get customized reports with the data that you want to see. These reports are interactive and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The work I perform is very transparent, you know exactly what was done to your website at least on a monthly basis. Why work with an agency, when you can have the expert working on your project.

Low-Cost SEO Plans

Affordable SEO services for small business is what I do best. I take great pride in being able to provide SEO Services to business owners that don’t have thousands of dollars to invest every month but understand the importance of being found on the first page of Google for key search terms like affordable SEO services,that bring in significant traffic to their website. Low-cost SEO plans start as low as $499 per month, which is significantly lower than hiring an SEO part-time. Just like you, I’m also a local business that’s here for the long term, so let’s work together on making you more visible in Google. You won’t find another optimization company here locally that can help you achieve the results you’ll get with me. I’m skilled in link building, citations, on-page, and technical SEO.

How is it that I’m able to provide such affordable SEO services for small businesses? Well, it’s simple, I work as a local SEO consultant, so I don’t have the overhead of agencies. I’m also very selective with who I choose to work with, I do this because I’m an SEO consultant who respects the people I work with. I only choose to work with a few accounts max to bring in superior results. My goal is to work with clients who understand the importance of an online digital marketing strategy for their website and to help educate those that don’t know much about SEO.

The benefit of having me manage your SEO services is that I will do a better job than 99% of any online marketing agency in the country. I’m an SEO consultant who has done SEO for the past ten years and has the results to back up and justify the monthly fee I charge for these low-cost SEO plans. You can either spend thousands of dollars with a digital agency who is going to get a noob handling your website account, or you can work with a Local SEO Consultant who’s going to deliver what you’re expecting. You won’t find anyone more motivated to making your website a success.

Affordable SEO Services

Affordable SEO packages for small business is what I specialize in and offer my Clients. They get quality SEO services that rival any world-class SEO agency, at a reasonable price. The affordable SEO packages that I offer are maintenance, optimized, and premium. You can learn more about what’s included in these packages, by viewing the SEO Services Page

Being able to provide affordable SEO services is something I’m able to do because of my past work experience and SEO skill-set I have developed over the years. The affordable SEO packages that I offer on a monthly basis are priced fairly and offer better value than any other agency.

The value in the SEO plans that I currently offer can’t be matched by any agency or SEO Expert who even comes close to rivaling my experience. The reporting alone takes about an hour alone to put together, and you only get this information once a month, with some vanity metrics that are not helping you bring in more business. This is not how it should be if this is still how you’re getting your SEO reports in 2019, it’s obsolete and useless. You need to experience the power of 24/7 Access To Interactive Reporting for not only SEO but for all of your Social Media, Adwords campaigns, etc…

Low-Cost SEO Services

One-Time Technical Errors & Warnings Cleanup: I will run a deep technical audit and fix SEMRUSH errors and warnings, and also fix W3C validation errors and warnings. This plan excludes speed optimization. That’s only available with the Tech Audit + Technical Cleanup + On Page Cleanup + Keyword Research & Mapping package.

Tech Audit + Technical Cleanup + On Page Cleanup + Keyword Research & Mapping: I will conduct an in-depth technical and on page audit of your website.I will also conduct comprehensive keyword research and map those keywords to their appropriate pages, based on the products or services you sell. I will then fix every single issue on your website, based on the audit conducted. Schema markup and website speed optimization are also included. Once this process is complete, you can feel safe knowing that your website has been optimized properly for SEO. Most clients see results within a couple of weeks of having their websites optimized by me.

SEO Optimized Website Design / Development: I build perfectly optimized SEO websites, so you don’t have to spend extra resources on monthly SEO plans to get your website fixed. It does you no good, to have a website that’s not bringing in any organic search traffic. Having me build your next website will save you time and money.

Keyword Targeted Content Creation / Blogging Optimized For SEO: I help you write SEO focused content that’s targeted around your keyword strategy. Each page or blog article has a minimum word count of 1,000 words, an optimized image or video, and optimized around a primary and its LSI keyword variations.

Technical, On Page, and Off Page Tech Audit: I offer complete technical and on page SEO audits. This is beneficial for business owners that want to have their internal team make the recommended changes.

Keyword Research & Mapping: Depending on your business goals, I can help you choose appropriate keywords to target and go after, a strategy is formed based on your strengths and weaknesses when compared to your competition.

Website Migrations: Maybe you have a new domain name that you want to use, or perhaps you want to switch hosting companies, whatever the case may be, I can help you with these migrations. Most web developers can do this task, but many of them are not aware or don’t care about the SEO consequences of not doing this correctly.

Whitelabel SEO Services: If you’re an SEO company that wants to offer search engine optimization services under your name, I can help manage campaigns for your clients, if you’re interested, send me a message with your details.

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