Complete SEO Audit

I offer both a free website technical audit and a complete SEO audit that addresses all of the issues with your website’s marketing strategy. You won’t find anyone else who does a better job at optimizing your website than me, that’s a fact. Here is a high-level overview of some of the things that I go over in my complete audit report.

The audit looks at the most important aspects of your digital marketing strategy, such as Technical SEO, On-Page SEO, and Off-Page strategies.

  • Competitive Research Analysis: You should know who your online competitors are, which could include businesses you had no idea were competitors. Benchmark where they are in comparison to you, to get a great understanding of their strategy. With this information, you’ll know exactly which keywords they are targetting and ranking for, also, which of their web pages are the best performing. We can then take this information, and simply improve on it to outrank them in the search engines.
  • Keyword Research & Mapping: The first thing that should be done when it comes to SEO is figuring out which keywords you are ranking for, and which pages those keywords are mapped out too if you don’t have this information correct, you’re strategy will crumble. let me look at your keyword map, if you don’t have one, I can help you put one together in the audit.
  • On-Page SEO: On-page SEO is the next step in the audit, I will tear your website apart, and tell you absolutely everything that’s wrong with it, and how fixing the issues I point out will significantly help improve your overall SEO strategy.
  • Technical SEO 100% Errors & Warnings Cleanup: Everyone who works in Digital Marketing, more precisely SEO knows that cleaning up technical errors and warnings is extremely important; however, most of them tend to do this process, in the beginning, to show the client some fast results, but this is inefficient and more costly than if you focus your efforts on on-page optimization first. I’ll run a complete technical report on your website that includes a combination of 3 third-party tools.
  • Content Writing: The other important factor for ranking any webpage is of course content. So you want to make sure your content is properly optimized for the keywords in your map, and also structured correctly with the appropriate schema for those pages. I’ll analyze this information in your report.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out by requesting your Free Consultation.