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How do I get more traffic for my blog in 2019?

Today’s blog was inspired by Gabriel, who asked me to answer the following question. How do I get more traffic for my blog in 2019? Well Gabriel, here are my thoughts on how to help you or any other user bring in more traffic to your blogs.

I’m going to assume that your blog is a part of your website if you’re using a service like blogger, etc… I would strongly encourage you to move away from such platforms, and get yourself a domain setup with a blog. You see, everytime you blog, you give someone else credit to your valuable content. Why not keep that content on your website? As I said, I’m already making the assumption that your blog lives on your website, so let’s proceed.

The first thing I would do is to revisit your keyword list and make sure that you have a solid keyword map for your blogs. You want to stick to relevant topics you’re good at and have authority and experience in, but you also want to make sure you’re producing quality content that users are actually searching for and finding useful based on the keyword research conducted with tools such as SEMRUSH, AHREFS, and Keywords Everywhere.

If you can afford the subscription of SEMRUSH for $99/mo and use a WordPress website, it’s worth to download the SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant plugin. It will help you write better quality content for your pages by suggesting keyword rich tools, and the length of your text copy. If this is not an option. I would encourage you to create content longer than 600 words to avoid any kind of Panda penalty updates in the future. I would also encourage you to use tools like Grammarly, in conjunction with Word-Counter to check for grammatical and spelling mistakes on your blog articles.

If you focus on creating a great user experience for your users, you’ll attract a lot more traffic in 2019. You’re probably wondering, what are some things you can do to create a better user experience for your users? Well, it’s simple, start by optimizing your website for speed and performance. If you use WordPress, I wrote a blog article on how to optimize your website for speed. I would then look to make sure that you have proper schema markup on your web pages, internal links built out throughout your website and or blog. Others things I would do is to improve accessibility on the website/blog by doing the following. Installing this plugin Accessibility by UserWay and validating the code to W3C standards will also prove a significant advantage.

Once you start blogging and producing great content. Start to distribute your content throughout different social media accounts. Such as Facebook, Linkedin, etc… as soon as you write an article, share it on your social media to help promote it.

Anytime you create new pages or blog posts, you want to make sure you update your sitemaps to let Google know you just released a new piece of content on your website. Stick to the E.A.Ts (Expertise, Authority, Trustiness) philosophy when creating content on your blog website, and you’ll definitely see an improvement in traffic for 2019. If you have any specific questions, please feel free to reach out.