About Jesus Tellez

I’m Jesus Tellez, an SEO Specialist living in Fresno, CA, where I attend St. John’s Catholic Church every Sunday morning, and play as a goalkeeper, for several adult soccer teams here in town. Whenever I’m not too busy, I like to spend time with members of IBA, which is a student organization of Fresno State.

I have been working for the past 10 years as an SEO consultant for different businesses and organizations throughout the state of California. Whenever I start a new project I generally like to do a complete website audit to see how I can help improve the performance of a website in search engines likes Google. I then proceed with performing technical and onpage SEO techniques that are not going to get penalized by Google. Finally, once a month I provide clients with valuable website reports and give them recommendations as to how to continue to improve their visibility to search engines.

Currently, I’m working as an SEO Specialist for a marketing company here in town where I support several clients throughout the United States. I enjoy being able to help my clients increase their organic search traffic with my SEO strategies.

I grew up in Fresno, CA where I attended Fresno State University and majored in Business with the option in Computer Information Systems. I started my career back in 2008 working at Cobb’s Ranch. I’ve since helped numerous businesses and employers throughout my career.

I absolutely believe in my digital marketing strategies and so do my clients. I’ve proven to them that I’m capable of delivering to their websites quality traffic that converts well. This is evident from my portfolio page.

If you Google my name Jesus Tellez, you’ll get a Facebook profile show up as first place in Google. That’s because this website is fairly new with a low domain authority. My goal is to get this brand new website to take over that spot in the next few months.

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