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List of the Top 15 Digital Marketing Consultants & Agencies

I have taken the time to create a list of trusted and reputable consultants and marketing companies that offer similar services to those that I offer. I have chosen to do this for several reasons. As many of you already know, my strength and focus when it comes to digital marketing is on SEO (Search Engine Optimization). However; there are plenty of businesses that could really benefit from other digital marketing services such as Adwords, Social Media, Content Marketing, Video Marketing, Email Marketing, etc… Most of the companies listed here do a fantastic job with those services. I have absolute trust and feel great recommending these businesses if you’re looking for a list of reputable, honest companies that are very transparent and upfront with their process. I personally vouch for them, so if there are any issues, feel free to reach out to me as well. Here is the list in no particular order

1.) Jesus Tellez SEO Consultant – Jesus Tellez is a Remote SEO Expert Consultant. Working out of Fresno, CA. His strength is on SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

2.) Richard Sargent Adwords Consultant – Richard Sargent is a Adwords Expert Consultant who runs his a digital marketing agency out of Fresno, CA. him and his team are great at what they do.

3.) Digital Stand Out – is an inbound digital marketing agency whose primary niche market is the medical field. They are highly recommended if you are looking for fantastic results.

4.) Solutions By Design – is a marketing company that specializes in custom website design and development. Their niche market is in orthodontics. I highly recommend them for logo and custom website design.

5.) Miles Sebesta – I met Miles in a marketing meetup that I go to once a month. He is a well-rounded individual. He’s great with video animation/production, SEO, website design. etc… In my experience, he’s one of the best digital marketers that the Central Valley has to offer.

6.) Jason Mcdonald – Without a doubt Jason Mcdonald is the real deal when it comes to digital marketing consulting. He’s been doing this for many years, and has proven himself to his clients.

This list is comprised of individuals I’ve worked with personally, or companies that I’ve worked for, who I feel have done a great job with the services they provide to their clients. If you feel that your business belongs on this list, feel free to reach out explaining why you feel that way. Things I take into consideration when making this list is the reputation of the individuals behind their business, secondly, if I don’t know the individual personally, I take other things into consideration, such as how well optimized their website is, their reputation, their time in business, etc… To get on this list, your business needs to have a solid reputation and be related to digital services, else I won’t even consider the request.

This list is to help individuals who are looking for alternatives. From reputable sources. There are a lot of companies out there that don’t produce what they promise, I feel good about these companies being legit and able to deliver what they promise.