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You’re on this website because you’re on a mission to find Small Business SEO Services to help you rank perhaps one or several websites. Well, you’re in luck, I just so happen to be that Search Engine Optimization consultant who can help you achieve such results. I offer Affordable SEO Services For Small Business that are effective. I know what you’re thinking, yeah right, how do I know that this guy is the real thing and not just one of the many noobs out there who claim to know Search Engine Optimization. The difference is that I can prove my success.

Take my SEO Portfolio Sample. The websites I listed are all doing fantastic with their Search Engine Optimization. Their traffic is growing every month. Some sites are growing more quickly than others, but, all of them are doing fantastic. There is still a lot of work to be done, but if you have the ability to run website audits, analyze them and see how well they’ve been doing for the past few months. Keep in mind that the traffic that’s coming to these websites is very targeted, so a lot of long tail keywords were chosen during the process.

If this isn’t enough proof for you to verify the legitimacy of my skill set, well, I don’t know what to tell you. But if you’re impressed I was able to achieve these results in just a few months, then you’ll understand why I can make the claim of being an SEO Expert Consultant. I specialize in local SEO and can help your business achieve positive SEO results in national and local search campaigns.

The problem that I solve, is that I actually provide valuable SEO services that have been proven to be effective. In my entire career, I’ve never once managed a website that’s been penalized by Google in any way. SEO is no joke, if you don’t do it right, you run the risk of ruining your domain. Once a website violates Google trust, it’s really difficult to compete organically, unless you get a new domain name.

Remote SEO Consultant

You’re probably wondering what makes me different or unique in comparison to all of the other search engine optimization consultants you’ll encounter. For starters, I’m perhaps one of the very few search engine optimization consultants with a current SEO Portfolio with stats of real client accounts. My website is also better optimized than the competition at a local and national level. Not to mention the ten years of web design, web development, and accessibility experience. This means that you get a search engine optimization consultant with a strong technical foundation, to help you achieve positive search results.

When it comes to SEO, you want to make sure that whoever you choose to work with understands that great Search Engine Optimization requires great Content, Back-links, and Technical SEO. I’m one of the few search engine optimization consultants who understand the whole spectrum. Other search engine optimization consultants lack the technical experience to properly help fix website architecture problems that are important, so instead, they focus on content and link building, ignoring an important component of SEO. Overall, you probably won’t find a SEO Expert Consultant with more experience than me, that much I can promise you. This is all backed up with this website alone.

My goal for the next few years is to continue to develop professionally as a digital marketer with a specialization in Search Engine Optimization. I truly believe that at least here in Fresno, CA and the surrounding Central Valley there is no one who rivals my experience when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. If you feel differently, please let me know who you think that is and why? I have a goal of helping as many businesses as possible to increase their bottom line. I do this by setting up unique SEO campaigns that I execute and monitor pretty consistently. Try my services, you have nothing to lose and website traffic to gain. At the very least, you’ll gain valuable information to help you improve your website rankings with the free SEO audit report I provide. If you follow my advice, I promise you’ll see significant improvements in your results. What are you waiting for? pick up the phone and give me a call, or request a free website audit to get started.

Local SEO Consultant

I specialize in providing Affordable SEO Services For Small Business to small business owners. So, what exactly does that mean? It means that I’m able to achieve better results working with businesses such as medical practices, legal services, food & beverage, landscaping, construction, etc… because these businesses focus primarily on advertising to local clients within their city and county.

If your goal is to help market your business with SEO internationally, then I might not be the best fit to help you, but if your goal is to be in the top 3 in your city for certain keywords, I’m the SEO Expert Consultant you need working on your Search Engine Optimization plan.

My secret for achieving such positive results for previous Clients is based on implementing the following for each SEO campaign.

  • Making sure that the website is 100% clean of technical errors and warnings. And also making sure that the important pages are also validating to W3C standards. I usually start my technical SEO process with SEMRUSH and then crossreference that work with ScreamingFrog & Website Auditor.
  • Ensuring that the website is optimized for speed & structured data. I always ensure that a CDN (Content Delivery Network) is set up properly. I also minimize HTTP request, minimize and concatenate web files, and optimize web images.
  • Getting citations, which are mentions of the business information all throughout the internet. So that it’s visible in the directories that truly matter like the ACXIOM, LOCALEZE, SUPERPAGES, and others. I use both an automatic and manual process for citation and link building.
  • There are of course other things that I do, but this is the bread and butter of the technical SEO.

Professional SEO Consultant

I get a lot of people asking me if I do PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing. Even though I do have experience running ad campaigns. I prefer to stick to what I do best. Which is to help websites rank organically over time with SEO. If you want my personal recommendation for PPC, it’s hands down Richard Sargent. He runs a digital agency that specializes specifically in PPC. He’s the only person I would trust to run these campaigns.

Finding a digital marketing consultant who really knows what they are doing, is not easy. To be a successful internet marketing consultant you need to be really good with SEO, PPC, Social Media, Email, and Video Marketing. Then you have deeper levels for each discipline such as Technical SEO, On-Page SEO, and Off-page SEO. My point is that it won’t be easy to find a digital marketing consultant who can cover all of their bases.

It’s, for this reason, I only offer Small Business SEO Services. I chose to become a Search Engine Optimization Consultant in this discipline because it works, and it’s the most beneficial form of digital marketing in my opinion. I’ve always been an individual who likes to do the opposite of what the masses are doing. For example, put out a job ad for a Social Media, SEO, and PPC position. I bet you’ll have more individuals applying for the PPC and Social Media positions than for the SEO positions. The few applicants who apply for the SEO positions are usually not specialists or experts in SEO, they are individuals who have a broad understanding of digital marketing, and feel that they can do everything. But these people are jacks of trades and masters of none. When I mention this to certain individuals, they get really offended, and point out that it’s not a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket, in this case telling me that once SEO goes away, I will go away because I chose to not diversify and instead pigeonhole myself into only SEO. That’s ok, I’m willing to live with that.

I really enjoy what I do, it’s rewarding to see the reaction on a client’s face when you show them how your tactics directly correlate with their website’s success.

Search Engine Optimization SEO Consultant - Jesus Tellez