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Page Speed for WordPress SEO

If you are a small business in search of SEO services you’re probably already aware of the importance that load speeds have on your website’s overall SEO strategy. If you’re not sure how to conduct a page speed analysis of your website, and or how to fix these website speed issues, I’m going to teach how.

The first thing you want to do is to use online tools that accurately measure your website and web pages load times. It just so happens that the two best online tools to check your speed are free and easy to use. Gtmetrix and Tools Pingdom are the tools that I use to measure a website’s speed. What I love about these tools is that they actually provide you with details of what’s causing your website’s speed to be so slow.

Open up your web browser and go to Gtmetrix. It’s going to ask you to enter a url to analyze. You can just copy and paste the domain name. It will then go through an automatic check that only takes about a minute to run. You’ll know instantly if your website is optimized because you’ll see a lot of green, and letter grades of A for the Pagespeed and YSlow Scores. If things are not green, and instead you see a lot of yellow, orange, and red I’m going to show you how to fix these issues if you’re on a WordPress website, just continue reading and you’ll find the information down below.

Gtmetrix Along with Pingdom track three main metrics. HTTP requests, Page Size, and Load Time. The goal is to minimize these as much as possible. By doing so, you’ll instantly experience improvements when re-running the test in either Gtmetrix or Pingdom. I like to use both, to get a good indication of data accuracy.

Page Speed Tool For SEO

How to fix website speed issues

That’s great, you know how to check your website’s speed, but how do you fix those issues in the most efficient way possible? Well, it’s simple if you use a WordPress website. The first thing I would do is to open a free account on Cloudflare and sign up for the basic plan which includes a free CDN. That’s all you need a free basic subscription to use their CDN. You then configure the CDN to work with your website. This process is relatively easy and takes just a few minutes to set up.

Once you have a CDN (Content Delivery Network) setup and configured, the next step is to install the plugin WP Fastest Cache, both the free and premium versions. You need both of them installed for this to work properly. You then check all of the boxes in the plugin and hit save. That’s it, folks, that’s all you need to instantly improve your Pagespeed and Yslow Scores.

After installing a free CDN (Content Delivery Network) and installing the two plugins I mentioned above, you’ll instantly see significant improvements to your websites speed. Run the test again, if you did things correctly, you’ll see it reflected in the new changes. If you’re having issues, feel free to reach out and I’ll help you out.

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