Here is a small portfolio sample of some of the projects I’ve worked on, and continue to do work for on a monthly basis. You’ll notice that a great deal of these websites are in the same industry. That’s because the marketing company that I work for, specializes in serving this niche market. I’m currently managing the search engine optimization of several websites throughout the country. I’m not just limited to supporting orthodontic websites. I’ve also done work for financial institutions, healthcare organizations, and banner companies. If you have any questions, send me a message.

If you analyze any of these websites with SEMRUSH, you’ll notice that they are all doing really well, which is why I included them in this portfolio section. You’ll see a lot of them spike up in traffic and keep that consistency. That’s because I worked extensively on these websites to implement my strategies. You’ll notice that the backlink profiles are relatively weak for most of these websites; however, I’ve still managed to get these websites to rank extremely well. The results speak for themselves, just look at the graphs below to see how I’ve helped these websites improved their traffic in just a few months. For a list of all of the SEO services that I offer visit the professional SEO services page.

Something that’s not evident, but is still important for measuring the success of SEO is the keyword visibility and changes over time. For example, you want to make sure you’re moving up in rankings for your targetted keywords. I have plenty of reports that show the success of keyword visibility over time for the client websites I’ve been actively working on. It’s just harder to represent that data on this page. If you do want access to some of these reports, please feel free to send me an email. I’ll compile a list of these monthly reports and send them to you.