Professional SEO Services

I have experience with the following professional SEO Services.

  • Competitive Research Analysis: Get an idea of how your website is doing in comparison to your competition. With this information you’ll know exactly what your competition is doing.
  • Keyword Research and Mapping: I’m able to help you discover which keywords you should be going after based on search volume and competition. The keywords are then mapped to webpages for maximum optimization.
  • 100% Errors & Warnings Cleanup:Technical SEO is very important. I’ll make sure the website has all errors and main warnings cleaned up.
  • Website Speed Optimization: The load time of a webpage is an SEO factor. Which is why, I do things like add a CDN, minimize images, http requests, and create css sprites.
  • W3C Page Validation: It’s important to make sure that each page on a website is coded properly. W3C validator is a tool that checks proper coding for a webpage.
  • Schema Markup on Pages: Schema on some pages helps with conversion rates. For example, schema allows you to display five stars on your Google search ads.
  • NAT Citations & Corrections: NAT Citations are mandatory for local SEO businesses. There are programs like Yext and Whitespark that help with citations.
  • Organic Link Building Strategies:Getting backlinks to a website is very time consuming, but we have strategies that are very effective.
  • Copy Writing: It’s no secret that when it comes to SEO, content is king.That’s why I offer copywriting services as well.
  • Website Monitoring & Reporting: I’m constantly monitoring the progress of my clients websites on a daily basis. I also provide them with a monthly report with their most important metrics.

The professional SEO services that I offer are primarily focused on helping businesses throughout California in the cities of Fresno, Bakersfield, & Modesto. But, I also work with other businesses throughout the United States. To see the results of what I’m able to obtain for my clients, please visit my portfolio section. Let’s setup an appointment to figure out which SEO services are right for your website.

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